DAY 14: Yoga Sutra 1.14

14 Sep

Sutra 1.14:  sat tu dirgha kala nairantaira satkara asevitah dridha bhumih

  • sat =  that, together with, accompanying; can also mean the true and pure essence and nature of an entity or existence
  • tu = and, but, however
  • dirgha =  long
  • kala = time (absolute or transcendent time)
  • nairantaira = without interruption, continuous
  • satkara = with devotion, respect, positive attitude, right action
  • asevitah =  practiced assiduously,
  • dridha = strong, affirming, hard firm
  • bhumih = degree, area, object, ground, established, earth, land

Translated loosely into English;

A long time of effort and devotion, without interruption, creates the ground for a firm, established practice.

Beginning a devoted practice to the study of yoga is challenging.  Life commitments and relationships can be distracting and limiting, wrong environments, lack of structure and guidance.  By setting an amount of time each day for yoga, you ARE working towards the goal!  Any amount of time spent on the path of Yoga is the steps that will eventually lead to a more solid practice.  I find it easier to make the things that matter most a PRIORITY, when I get those things done everything else is less of a worry.

*Choose a time and style of practice which will work everyday and commit!!*

I consider myself new on the path of Yoga.  Having a Yo-Yo practice for several years, this sutra reminds me of my need to create this blog.  For ‘a continuous, devoted practice, without interruption.’  The need to blog everyday certainly helps to make it steady and without interruption, even if it is only a few asanas, a short meditation and the Sutra paraphrase.  My work ethic wanting to be thorough, honest and earnest helps me to be more focused as to what is important.  I am wasting less time, whether I want to admit it or not.  Was I wasting time before?  Guaranteed not as productive.

I had a huge need to deepen my Yoga practice (all 8 Limbs), to keep my own yogic journey alive while living on Guam.  I feel like this Sutra was a pat on the back.

OM Shanti Shanti Shanti


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