DAY 13: Yoga Sutra 1.13

13 Sep

Sutra 1.13:  tatra sthitau yatnah abhyasa

  • tatra =  there, in that place,
  • sthitita =  ‘sthiti’ translates to conviction, position, steadiness, established in a good position; ‘sthitita’ translates into stability, firm position
  • yatnah =  effort, work, pains, exertions, energy, performance
  • abhyasa = drill, habit, practice, repeated or permanent practice

Translated loosely into English;

Practice is working with effort and energy to maintain a steadiness in the suspended state.

Practice means making decisions on the basis of what will bring greater tranquility or peace of mind, this is the preparation for Self-Realization.

To have ‘sthitita’ is to have peacefulness, mindfulness and equanimity with you at all times.  It becomes habitual, spontaneous, and natural.

In all moments of daily life, the student is working towards the goal.  Questioning all actions, speech and thought.  Keeping the body clean, the mind attentive and focused.

Practice is never-ending.  Practice is life-long.  Practice takes determination, dedication and disipline.


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