DAY 9: Yoga Sutra 1.9

9 Sep

Sutra 1.9:  shabda jnana anupati vastu shunyah vikalpa

  • shabda = word, sound, verbal expression, relating/based on sound
  • jnana =  awareness, knowledge, knowing
  • anupati =  following as a consequence, follow, result
  • vastu =  thing, object, item, dwelling, home, foundation
  • shunyah =  blank, deserted, void, empty, barren, hollow
  • vikalpa =  imagining, forming concepts, judgement, views, opinions, labels, daydreaming, conceptualizing, distinct, different, alternative, option, choice

Translated loosely into English;

Subject matter based on hollow verbal expressions, attributes or wrong knowledge is imagination (vikalpa).

Words are empty objects, only a perception of an actual object.

Everyday we use words and images to describe objects, people or events.  A word is nothing less than a combination of sounds used together to convey a meaning.  An attribute, characteristic, identity is then created from these words and images. We associate qualities such as rich/poor, good/bad with people – from which words have no foundation in them.  We have been conditioned to use words to communicate, to trust labels, opinions, even on no solid truth.  Attributes, words and images help to describe an object but have no reality.  The formation of concepts, day-dreaming, judgements, opinions cause more harm than they are worth.  Since words have no physical substance, why is our world so attached to the use OF words?

Dedicating more time to silence and meditation is valuable in observing this attachment to words, concepts and false identities.

Truths I believe of this Sutra;

1.  I do not need to speak as often as I do.  Although people may think I have a problem, I quite enjoy being silent.

2.  I communicate perfectly in silence.  In silence is peace.

3.  Words have no solidity therefore I should not become attached to them.


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