DAY 7: Yoga Sutra 1.7

7 Sep

Sutra 1.7: Pratyakshanumana agamah pramanani

  • pratyaksha = (capable of) direct perception, distinct, present before the eyes, clear, visible
  • anumana = knowledge, guess, consideration, reflection, reasoning, drawing a conclusion from a given premise
  • agamah = approaching, near, arriving, origin,
  • pramanani = measure, proof, testimony, evidence

Translated loosely into English;

Direct perception, proof and validation IS right knowledge.

Three aspects to attain right knowledge (pramana) are given.

The first aspect in obtaining correct knowledge is by clear, visible experience (pratyaksha).   The second aspect is through study, reflection, consideration, then drawing up a conclusion.  The third aspect is a valid testimony, valid evidence or proof, from an external source, person or text.

Through continuous practice, correct knowledge, and direct experience of the wisdom given in sacred texts, I am able to unite with the truth, pure consciousness, the highest realm.


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