DAY 6: Yoga Sutra 1.6

6 Sep

Sutra 1.6;  pramana viparyaya vikalpa nidra smritayah

  • pramana = derives from the root word ‘prama’ meaning proof, credibility, right knowledge,
  • viparyaya = illusion, invalid cognition, colored, distorted, wrong knowledge
  • vikalpa = imagining, forming concepts, judgement, views, opinions, labels, daydreaming, conceptualizing
  • nidra = sleep, deep sleep
  • smritayah = memory

Translated loosely into English;

Credible/right knowledge, distorted/wrong knowledge, imagination, sleep, memory are the five states of mind.

Any thought form entering the mind, can be classified into [these] five categories.By observing the mind, thought waves can be identified as right knowledge or wrong knowledge.  As a witness, an observer to our mind, we are undisturbed, unaffected and unable to gain more subconscious imprints (samkaras).

Observe thoughts as they are, without generating any attachment or identity with them.



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