DAY 6: 359 Days To Go

6 Sep

Woke at 4:45am today to go to a Power Yoga class at the gym.

It is nice to do a class once in a while for some variety.  Different postures, more challenge in a group environment (in some ways) and something new.


I followed this mornings yoga class with a meditative walk on the beach for 20 min.



Taking in the stillness and peace that pervades all. The beach was empty and stunningly beautiful!!


By 11am I realized 2 things. 1) I am feeling REALLY, REALLY sore today!! And 2) I am tired.

Managed to also do a small self-practice at home today regardless.  But after the effort in this mornings class, the muscle soreness and general fatigue, my heart just is not in it.  A restorative sequence anyone?  Where is a bolster when I need one??!!!

I really hope that my muscle soreness is better tomorrow…

I don’t intend to get up quite as early.  I think 530am is sufficient.

Either way, I am grateful.

I look forward to tomorrows practice!!


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