DAY 5: Yoga Sutra 1.5

5 Sep

Sutra 1.5;  vrittayah pancatayah klishta aklishta

(The ending ‘yah’ indicates an adjective)

  • vrittayah = the levels, the stages, the forms (of mind-consciousness), the modifications;
  • pancatayah = derives from the root word ‘panch’ meaning five; the five/are five
  • klishta = derives from the root word ‘klish’ meaning to cause trouble or become colored
  • aklishta = the ‘a’ means without, not klishta (not causing trouble)

Translated loosely into English;

Five modifications of mind are troublesome or untroublesome.

The fluctuations of the mind can be classified onto five different forms.  These forms are desire, Ego, ignorance, aversion (dislike) and fear.  Each of the five forms arise out of five modes of suffering (kleshas).  Attachment (emotional, mental or physical) to these troublesome or colored fluctuations of mind creates imprints (samkaras) in our subconscious.  Feeding a troubled mind through any of these five forms, increases the amount of samkaras upon the subconscious, leading to perceiving the wrong reality (viparyaya).  If we have a piece of rope and holding an end in each hand, twist and twist the rope, it becomes tighter, more twisted, more tense.  If we let go of the rope, it naturally untwists itself and returns back to its original state.  Much like the mind, if we feed our misery and suffering, it continues to become more and more distorted.  Letting go of attachments or aversions enables the return to our true Self, pure consciousness.

By practicing to be still, non-attached to mind patterns, resting in awareness, we see clearly and remain untroubled.


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