DAY 5: 360 Days to Go

5 Sep

Waking up at 5:45am.  Although I did not immediately do yoga, meditate, or journal, I did NOT go back to sleep and I did enjoy the moment.  By the time I left the apartment and was on the prowl for a yoga location it was already 7am!

I ended up further south on the island at Port Beach.  It was stunning!!!

Sun Salutation A&B (2x), Padahastasana, Prasarita Padottanasana… ( about now I am thinking the sun is excruciatingly hot) move to sitting postures and realize now I am rushing my practice…

With the sun beating down on my face and body, I had to leave the still ocean waters and beauty of the beach.  I went to the gym to finish my practice, or rather start over, inside one of the studios there.  It turned out to be Super Terrific!

Todays sequence was very thorough. I made sure I did the whole Primary series, well everything except for handstand, maybe a few more….

I can feel my blockages in my hips, back and hamstrings that I will continue to work on.  I feel good.  Self-practice is good.  I decided to try a 20 min yoga video this afternoon as well.

Having the blog is definitely helping to keep up the self practice.  Taking photos is helpful in checking how my alignment is going.  I am really grateful to have this project.  I look forward to the next practice!!


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