DAY 4: Yoga Sutra 1.4

4 Sep

Sutra 1.4;  vritti-sarupyam itaratra

  • vritti = levels, stages, forms (of mind-consciousness), modifications
  • sarupyam = derives from the root word ‘sa’ meaning ‘with’ and ‘rupa’ meaning ‘form’; with form, with/together with/having similarity,
  • itaratra = otherwise, at other times, alternatively, elsewhere

Translated loosely into English;

Otherwise, fluctuations of the mind take form.

When we are not resting in awareness, the mind is attracted to sense objects, habitual patterns, time (future/fantasy or past/memory), events, stories, etc.  We associate ourselves with our material goods, our thoughts, our emotions, our surroundings or environments.  All these ‘forms’ of mind are reflected onto our consciousness, our pure nature.  We are fooled by this distorted reflection.  Every moment adds to this distortion by creating more detail.  Thus our identification (Ego) or attachment (emotion,feeling) to what is happening around us is wrong knowledge (viparyaya).  Right knowledge (pramana) is resting in awareness, pure consciousness.

By practicing resting in awareness as often as possible it becomes easier to know our true nature. Not attaching ourselves to external or mental tendencies.  Not being slaves to our minds, to society, to outer distractions.  This is our true Self, pure unchangeable infinite awareness.

Through the meditation and analysis we can separate our mental (outer) attachments from pure consciousness which is without judgement, attachment or aversion.




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