DAY 3: 362 Days to Go

3 Sep

I used to be able to get up in the pre-dawn hours no problem but since moving to Guam I can not do it.  I can do it but with a difficulty and sleepiness like no other.  I have no energy and am just dragging myself heavily along which is not good when you are getting up for your weekly running race!  Circumstances arose this morning where i had to help a friend in need and did not get to run (darn!).  I need to make a goal to get up earlier this week and make friends again with 5am.

However at 7am I was yoga bound!  Went straight to a beach side location and whipped out the mat.  Now the weather in Guam these days has been pretty wet and it is nice to be able to go outside and enjoy the ocean!

A few Sun Salutation A, a couple of Sun Salutation B, standing poses, sitting poses and then came a local male fan.  I did not mind the small talk. I tried not to notice the foul smell radiating off him. But after a few minutes I realized it was time to take the practice elsewhere.

I took myself right to the gym and ended up doing a little run to make up for the one I missed.  Felt really good about getting it all done.  I am hoping as the days go on I get faster at my tasks.  I have started listening to Krishna Das again in the car, usually I don’t listen to anything.  It really makes me feel great when I sing along to Ma Durga, Rama Bolo…. so fantastic!!!


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